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I'm having a trouble since the day of installation.
I can't even upload a files such as photos to friendster and photobucket,videos on youtube..
and every 2weeks or 3 weeks there is always a problem on their base station..
after my 12 months lock in subscription,I will shuft to Globe Broadband(wireless)
the better and faster than Smartbro.


October 31
Anilao, Iloilo
This is a celebration of the separation of Anilao from Banate, which also features various sports and cultural activities.

October 31
Angeles City
Celebration begin with several masses at the Holy Rosary parish church after which the faithful kiss the feet of the Image of the Reclining Christ.

November 30
Brgy. Sta Juliana, Capas Tarlac
A annual event to commemorate the world-famous eruption of Mt. Pinatubo heralded the world over as the biggest and geologic uphearal of the20th century.

December 28
Ibajay, Aklan
It is participated by 2-3 barangays wherein they dress in scary costumes and they go from house to house asking for Christmas gifts and goodies.

December 28- January 1
Libacao, Aklan
Kaliugyon means, kali for kalye or streets and ugyon for unity or union in the streets. Libacaonons go out for a wild revelry of merrymaking to celebrate the coming of the New Year.

December 28 31
Dagupan City
Part of City Fiesta celebration honoring Dagupeños living abroad to celebrate Christmas season with their relatives and friens thru colorful parade and dances.

December 29 30
Plaridel, Bulacan
A herd of horses with colorful tilburies parading in the streets of Plaridel in reverence to St. Apostle. It is held every 29th and 30th of December.

December 29
Maasin, Iloilo
Tultugan is the Hiligaynon and Kiniray-a word for the indigenous bamboo drum. It is the emerging festival of the province and the region.

Basketball tournament

The basketball fanatics,addicts,lovers or whatever they wanna call them.The Paniqui town is about to get a treat as the 1st Mayor Dors Rivilla Cup has been set commence last Saturday,October 18, 2008 at the basketball court in the Paniqui Plaza.

A total of sixteen teams joined the tournament, each representing their barangays except the joined team of Cabayaosan and Acocolao as 1 team and Balaoang,Barang and burgos as Triple B team.Other teams who joined the tournament are from the barangays of Poblacion Norte, Poblacion Sur, Samput, Sta. Ines, Estacion, Abogado, Canan, Matalapitap, Tablang, Coral, Carino, and Apulid.

The tournament is open for all ages. Players must have roots in Paniqui to be able to play.

Games will be held everyday in the afternoon starting 6:00 pm.

7107 Islands Cruise Ship

Philippines' 7107 Islands Cruise Ship
The Luxury Cruises throughout the Philippines' Islands is just about here!

Experience the warm waters of the Philippine coastline as the 1st cruise ship to explore under the Philippine flag offers the most spectacular views of the unexplored waters surrounding Puerto Galera, Boracay, Coron, and Palawan to start. Bohol and Cebu are soon to follow. The ship will stop over 1-2 days on each island.
7107 Islands Cruise

The 7107 Islands Cruise ship will start taking passengers on late summer of 2008,leaving from Manila bay.
Theres 137 rooms offered w/c could fit 400 guests and they would be pampered with 5 star hotel facilities aboard.
This cruise ship has 137 bedroom cabins and able to hold up to 400 guests on each cruise.
It would cost around 5,500php and this would be good for a day per person.




more information about the cruise ship will come here soon!

Amanpulo Luxury Beach Resort

A private luxury island,where luxurious white sand is indulged by the lap of crystal H2O, where sky and sea meet as one, where palms bow to vermillion bougainvillea in tropically kissed phytophagous, where nature’s hand streaks the sun’s iridescence on its ungoverned canvas, where night skies are praised beside the crackle of a ‘tepee’ bonfire, where sleep is immersed in untouched white, where luxury is identified by its earth given radiance, where peacecherished its island host. This place is Amanpulo, in the Palawan Philippines, a realization of a dream.

large image


Amanpulo island is hidden, being private, and offers a diversity of sea, sand and tropical island–pleasures, in exclusive comfort and in traditionally designed accommodation.This luxury resort is an getaway from the markings of mankind and is a dive into island life where nature has been unhumbledly glorious. Amanpulo island is secluded, being private, and offers a variety of sea, sand and tropical island-retreat–pleasures, in exclusive comfort and in traditionally styled accommodation. Amanpulo or, ‘peaceful island’, honours its island host, respecting the natural elements with a profoundly ‘South Seas’ interpretation. The 40 Beach, Hillside and Treetop Casitas are modelled on authentic bahay kubo dwellings, each with its own golf cart for island exploration.

This romantically seclude island caters for those who wish to ‘hammock’ and beach comb their days in paradise, and for those who seek an active agenda, involving a myriad of maritime adventures as well as tennis, a high-tec air-conditioned gym, and taking languid lengths in the resort’s 30m serene pool. The open-air Garden and Beach Salas are discreetly secluded for pleasurable holistic body treatments.
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Brief History of Tarlac City

Brief History of Tarlac City

The town of Tarlac has had a colorful and significant history. Its story may very well be story of Tarlac province itself, which came into being only in 1873-74, eighty six years after Tarlac town was formally founded in 1788.

From Bacolor, Pampanga came intrepid leaders, namely Don Carlos Miguel and Don Narciso Castaneda who, years before 1788, with their families and followers trekked through the forests and hills of Porac and Bamban before finally settling down in what is now known as the town of Tarlac. They cleared the forest and tilled the fertile soil until a settlement emerged along the bank of the river which flowed across the township.

The community grew rapidly with settlers coming from Zambales, Pampanga, Bataan, Pangasinan, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija and elsewhere. The Pampanga dialect became the lingua franca in the community, as it was part of Pampanga province in those days. The two leaders, Miguel and Casta�eda succeeded in carrying out their pioneering venture through benevolent leadership, which elicited the cooperation of their followers. Thus roads were built, barrios were established without monetary expenditure, only through the common efforts of everyone. It also marked the beginnings of Tarlac as a �melting pot� of Central Luzon, with a mixture of divergent people working mightily for the common good.

Peace, happiness and self-sufficiency reigned during those early days. Enough agricultural and fish products were supplied by a rich soil and a flowing river, waiting for the hands of its hardworking settlers.

Later, it was unanimously agreed by the growing populace to request the authorities in Manila to convert the community into a town. Don Carlos Miguel prepared the needed resolution and forwarded it to the Spanish authorities. In 1788, a decree was issued by Captain General Don Felix Berenguer de Marquina, proclaiming Tarlac as a town under territorial jurisdiction of Pampanga, whose capital then was Bacolor.

The first governadorcillo (later called municipal) was Don Carlos Miguel in 1788 who, together with Don Narciso Casta�eda, established the foundation of Tarlac town. He was followed by Don Luis Briones 1789. It was during his term as the second governadorcillo that the �legend of San Sebastian� started. It is said that sometime that year, an armed band of tulisanes were stopped from marauding the town by a young boy who turned out to be no less than San Sebastian himself.

Tarlac is represented prominently in the eight rays of the Philippine flag because it was among the first provinces to join the revolution in 1896. The K.K.K. of Andres Bonifacio found early adherents among Tarlaque�os, headed by Don Francisco Ta�edo, after whom the town�s principal thoroughfare is named. Don Francisco Ta�edo was killed in an encounter with the Spanish guardia civil at the outset of the revolution. His early death inflamed the citizenry and his relatives and followers were bent on capturing the town by any means, but were dissuaded by Don Eusebio Ta�edo Iro, who volunteered to see his friend, General Monet, former politico-military, governor of Tarlac and at the time the highest military official in Pampanga. Denying that Tarlaque�os were involved in the revolution, Don Eusebio was able to obtain orders from General Monet to stop military operations in Tarlac. However, peace did not reign long in Tarlac because Generals Francisco Macabulos and Jose Alejandrino already started their offensive against the Spanish forces. On June 25 1898, Spanish soldiers surrendered in Tarlac.

The Miguels, descendants of one of the pioneers of the town, Don Carlos Miguel, changed their family name to Ta�edo in 1872 upon the promulgation of the Claveria decree on surnames. It is said that the Miguels preferred the masculine version of Casta�eda, and Ta�edo was also in compliance with the designated starting letter for all Tarlac surnames- it is therefore, not surprising that many Tarlaque�os to this day bear such surnames as Taala, Taar, Tabamo, Taban, Tabaquero, Tabasondra, Tamayo, Tamondong, to name a few.

President Emilio Aguinaldo proudly proclaimed the Philippine Republic on January 23, 1899 in Malolos, Bulacan. Assemblance of an independent government was formed, with a lawmaking body, the Malolos Congress, a cabinet headed by Apolinario Mabini ( who was foreign affairs minister), a judiciary, and of course, an army led by General Antonio Luna. A State University, the Universidad Literaria de Filipinas, was also opened.

By July 1899, however, with the tides of war turning against Aguinaldo, Tarlac became the last capital of the short-lived republic then on the run. Among the deputies who were in Tarlac to attend sessions of Congress were Fernando Ma. Guerrero of Manila, representing Leyte; Daniel Tirona of Cavite, representing Batanes; Tomas Mascarado of Batangas, representing Sorsogon; Servillano Aquino of Tarlac, representing Samar and Francisco Macabulos of Tarlac, representing Cebu.

The Aquinos, forebears of the late Benigno Aquino, Jr., came from lower Pampanga like most Tarlac settlers. The family of General Servillano Aquino settled in the town of Concepcion, still then a part of Pampanga. Present � day Aquinos trace their Tarlac, Tarlac connections to one of the �original� families of this capital town, the Ta�edo�s General Aquino married Do�a Lorensa Ta�edo Quiambao and later, when he lost his wife in one of the tragic episodes of the revolution, married his wife�s widowed elder sister Do�a Saturnina Ta�edo-Quiambao de Estrada, grandmother of former Senator Eva Estrada-Kalaw. The latter�s bloodline is therefore not Aquino but Ta�edo �Quiambao, which she shares with the late Ninoy Aquino, her second cousin.

It is said, �the past is a prologue to the future�. This brief account of the town�s colorful history is by no means complete. Since 1788, the town has progressed significantly, leading to its becoming the nucleus of Tarlac province. It has encountered countless hardships in the course of its existence, including those precipitated by earthquakes, cholera and other epidemics, great fires, devastating floods and similar calamities. Through the years, Tarlac�s ability to survive wars, economic difficulties and political turmoil among others, has been proven by its consistent re-emergence as a stronger and better town, eager to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Tarlac upgrade to cityhood started way back in 1996, with the filing of a bill in Congress to convert the town into a component city. House Bill No. 6863 was passed on November 17, 1997, subsequently; Senate Bill No. 2340 was approved on February 23, 1998. Then, on April 18, 1998, through a plebiscite the citizenry overwhelmingly supported the conversion of Tarlac town into a component city with affirmative votes of 21,378 out of 26,020 votes. It was proclaimed as a component city on April 19, 1998 by virtue of Republic Act No. 8593 to be known as the City of Tarlac.


Front side of the 500-piso banknote Reverse side of the 500-piso banknote

500 peso (limandaang piso) bill: The original theme of the limandaang piso bill was Ferdinand Marcos but after EDSA, it was changed to Benigno "Ninoy" S. Aquino Jr. On the front side of this yellow-coloured bill from left to right is a dove, an image of Ninoy, the Philippine flag and in words, two of Ninoy's beliefs which are Faith in our people and faifth in God and The Filipino is worth dying for. Earlier in his life, Ninoy was a journalist and there is also a typewriter on the front side of the bill signed with the initials BSAJ. On the reverse side are more of Ninoy's aspirations. In the top left, Filipinos of different faifths and class of society, civilian and military are seen standing united. In the centre, a mother and a boy give flowers to two soldiers, representing the desire for a democratic and peaceful nation. In the bottom left, part of an article from Ninoy's years as a journalist covering the war in Korea. In the top right is a girl holding a book with the words Study Now Pay Later which refers to an education bill Ninoy sponsored. In the bottom right are the Concepcion Municipal Hall and the Tarlac Capitol building where Ninoy held the office of Mayor and Governor respectively. On the far right at the top is the dove again. While imprisoned during martial law Ninoy campaigned for a seat in the Batasang Pambansa from his cell. During a pro-Ninoy rally outside his cell, a dove landed on the ledge of his cell window and has since then become symbolic of freedom.

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Road3p @ San Jose,Tarlac

It seems like a simple gateway to heaven, an emerald bliss of cold air that touches on your skin, this place carved with side by side towering peaks and cliffs carpeted with green and plenty leaves, while listening to their echoes swaying on the cold breeze.

Promoting the Lubigan Eco-Park as one of their tourist destination in San Jose can be seen in some small billboards giving directions where to go. We push our speed to follow road signs and as we go through, San Jose has many nice places to offer. A bridge crossing a wild river with many large stones creating splashes and waves, which I think suitable for simple white water rafting during rainy season.

How to Get There

From Manila, take the North Luzon Expressway, exit Sta. Ines Toll Plaza in Mabalacat, Pampanga. Proceed towards north to Tarlac City. Upon reaching Brgy. San Sebastian (Hon Kee Tea House), take a left turn to the bypass road (Tarlac - Pangasinan) towards the town of Camiling. Follow the 36-km backcountry but well-paved road to Brgy. Lubigan in San Jose, Tarlac (turns are well signposted).

Contact Information:

Mr. Val Vibal
Lubigan Eco-Park Administrator
+63916 305 6422

Relic of the True Holy Cross

Monasterio De Tarlac April 05, 2009 Entry Update Click HERE!!

The Reliquary of the Holy Cross

DOT Cites Pilgrimage Site in Tarlac

Tiotuico said that the Church of the Risen Christ located in the middle of the sprawling monasterio complex houses the silver reliquary where the authentic fragment of the Wooden Cross is now enshrined. It is now under the ministerial care of the Servants of the Risen Christ, a monastic congregation led by its Prior, Frater Ronald Thomas Cortez, or Frater Archie to his friends, whose population numbers to about 30 all over the country. These religious brothers, or Frater to the Catholic community, are clothed with a divine vow to live a life of monasticism and contemplative life.

It was in 2005 when Msgr. Volker Bauer from Germany during the World Youth Day celebration offered to give to Prior Cortez the sacred relic long after the churches in Europe underwent radical transformation due to the advent of communism and were being closed down to give way to museums and warehouses. And so on January 29, 2007, Msgr. Bauer flew in with the relic and brought it first to Clark in Pampanga and finally to the monasterio in Tarlac for dedication. The historic event was conducted by the Papal Nuncio to the Philippines, His Excellency Most Rev. Fernando Filoni, DD, Tarlac Bishop Florentino Cinense and a host of other clergy.

The reliquary is known to be the only one in the entire continent of Asia.

To accommodate the growing hordes of devotees to the shrine in Tarlac, the Priory of the Risen Christ decided to celebrate the Holy Mass every Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 in the morning after which the faithful is allowed entry to the reliquary to pay their homage and be blessed with spirituality.

Starting on September 14, 2007 and every year thereafter, when the entire Christian community celebrates the anniversary of the dedication of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and for which the Vatican officially named the day in 1963 as the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross, the church will begin to open the silver-guilt casket for public veneration. Atop the imposing altar is the inscription in Latin: Ave, Crux, Spes, Unica which means Hail, the Holy Cross, Our Only Hope.

The veneration of the True Cross finds its origin in the legend of Helena. According to Christian tradition, when Emperor Constantine granted religious freedom to Christians in the Roman Empire in 313 A.D., his mother, Queen Helena, later in 326 A.D. made pilgrimage to the Holy Land to locate those places sacred to Christians and find the Cross of Jesus. With the help of Christians there, she found many places where Jesus lived, and carried out his ministry. Queen Helena had churches built in many of these sacred sites (e.g., the Tomb of the Holy Sepulchre, the Calvary, the Nativity, etc.). She also found the True Cross, buried under a pagan temple, the nails, and the title that was affixed to the Cross. She is said to have verified the true cross among the three that were unearthed through miracles (a dead girl was restored to life when touched by the True Cross). She left part of the Cross in Jerusalem, gave part to her son in Constantinople, and took part back to Rome where the Church of the Holy Cross of Jerusalem was built. Pieces of the Cross were venerated as holy relics, and fragments were given as gifts to many churches in Europe.

The sprawling monastery with dormitory and viewing decks offers a commanding view of the mountainous terrain of the towns of Tarlac nearby and the imposing 30-ft. Statue of the Risen Christ.

The 278-ha. Tarlac Ecotourism Park where the monasterio is located was developed by Gov. Jose “Aping” Yap as his legacy to the Tarlaquenos. Visitors are attracted to the place on account of its cool mountain air, presence of natural springs, flora and wildlife, and outdoor living activities. Providing the needed support is Vic Yap of the Special Projects Office of the Office of the Governor, and Ms. Isabel Cojuangco-Suntay, a persistent benefactor to the community. The local tourism industry provides full support to the project under the auspices of Ms. Lydia Co of the Tarlac City Tourism Council and at the same time Chairman of the Central Luzon Tourism Council.

Monasterio de Tarlac

How to Get There

From Manila, take the North Luzon Expressway, exit Sta. Ines Toll Plaza in Mabalacat, Pampanga. Proceed towards north to Tarlac City. Upon reaching Brgy. San Sebastian (Hon Kee Tea House), take a left turn to the bypass road (Tarlac - Pangasinan) towards the town of Camiling. Follow the 36-km backcountry but well-paved road to Brgy. Lubigan in San Jose, Tarlac (turns are well signposted)



Exotic and authentic Filipino Food?
Where else....
Isdaan in Gerona, Tarlac

This place is Highly recomended to your family,balikbayans,tourist.
For folks travelling North of Luzon, it is a must thing to do... Experience the ambience and hospitality at ISDAAN, a floating restaurant in Gerona. Along land mark the Highway 54.

Isdaan offers specialties from red meat to white meat, as well as exotic authentic regional Pinoy dishes that include a lot of Buho (bamboo) Cooking-Sinigang and Gata sa Buho. There's "inapoy", (rice in Ilokano), Stuffed Native Rice Rolls, Lumpiang Bukid, "Dinerang" (char-grilled seafoods), Pancit by the Kilo and Tempurang Bukid.

Breakfast is also being served, the most popular menu is the "Fiesta ng Ebun" ("ebun" is Kapampangan for "egg") with black rice (sauce of adobong pusit mixed with rice and salted fish).

Isdaan -024.jpg

The tacsiyapo wall was featured many times on TV and on print. Guests buy a mug or plate (P8-15) or even a functioning TV (P1,500). Once you’ve chosen your “weapon”, take a deep breath, then throw your weapon unto the wall, break it into pieces and release your tension along with it.

the giant giant Mayan/Aztec-themed sculptures along the hi-way at Gerona, Tarlac.There are giant fish too hanging from fishing-rods.

Isdaan -009.jpg

This is the best part when you decide to cross the San Kilo bridge while bringing one pail of water. According to the waiters, there are people who literally fell into the shallow fish pond so if i were you, better bring your suits. It is just intimidating at first (but I must admit, I was scared too :)) but if you really are determined to have that one kilo of free fish, why not?

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School in Tarlac(Elementary)


Private Schools

Bayanihan Institute

Bible Believers Baptist Academy

Colegio de San isidro

College of the Holy Spirit

Cosmopolitan Institute

Don Bosco Technical Institute

Ecumenical School, Inc.

Failane Young Achieves School

Martinet School

Osias Colleges, Inc

Phil. Tarlac Kian Tiak Institute, Inc.

Precious Child School, Inc.

San Luis Educational Foundation

St. Paul Children Spectrum, Inc.

Tarlac Adventist Elem. School

Tarlac Christian Learning Center

Tarlac Christian School

Tarlac First Baptist Church School, Inc.

Tarlac Living Faith Academy

Tarlac Montessori School, Inc.

Trinity Christian Learning Center

Public Schools

Alvindia Public School

Alvindia-Aguso Central School

Amucao Elementary School

Apalang Public School

Aringin Elementary School

Armenia Elementary School

Asturias Public School

Atencio Public School

Atioc-Dela Paz Elementary School

Bacuit Elementary School

Bagong Barrio Elementary School

Balanti Elementary School

Balete Elementary School

Balibago Primero Elementary School

Balibago Segundo Elementary School

Balingcanaway Centro Elementary School

Balingcanaway Corba Elementary School

Banaba Elementary School

Banaoang East Public School

Banaoang West Public School

Bantog Elementary School

Baquero Norte Elementary School

Baquero Sur Public School

Baras-Baras Elementary School

Batangbatang Elementary School

Binauganan Elementary School

BotbotonES Elementary School

Buenavista Public School

Buhilit Public School

Burgos Elementary School

Burot Elementary School

C.A.T. Elementary School

Caanamongan Elementary School

Cabugbugan Elementary School

Cadaldulaoan Public School

Calamay Elementary School

Calapan Public School

Calipayan Elementary School

Camangaan Public School

Camp Aquino Elementary School

Camposanto Elementary School

Capaoayan Public School

Capehan Public School

Carangian Elementary School

Care Elementary School

Cutcut II Elementary School

Dalayap Elementary School

Damaso Briones Elementary School

Dolores Elementary School

Don Bonifacio Alviar Elementary School

Don F. P. Buan Elementary School (San Luis Elementary School)

Don Pepe Cojuangco Public School

Dona Arsenia Elementary School

Laoang Elementary School

Lapsing Public School

Lourdes Elementary School

Mabini Elementary School

Macaguing Public School

Maligaya Elementary School

Maliwalo Central Elementary School

Maluac Elementary School

Mapalacsiao Elementary School

Mapalad Public School

Matatalaib Bato Elementary School

Matatalaib Buno Elementary School

Moncada North Central School

Moncada South Central School

Nambalan Elementary School

Natividad L. De Leon Public School

Northern Hill Elementary School

Pag-Asa Public School

Paquilliao Public School

Paradise Elementary School

Paraiso Elementary School

Pilipila Elementary School

Pinpinas Elementary School

Pugo Cecilio Public School

Samberga Elementary School

San Carlos Public School

San Francisco Elementary School

San Francisco Elementary School

San Isidro Elementary School

San Jose de Urquico Public School

San Jose Elementary School

San Juan Bautista Elementary School

San Juan De Mata Elementary School

San Juan Elementary School

San Julian Elementary School

San Leon Public School

San Manuel Elementary School

San Miguel Central School

San Nicolas Elementary School

San Pablo Elementary School

San Pascual Elementary School

San Pedro Elementary School

San Rafael Elementary School

San Roque Public School

San Sebastian Elementary School

San Sotero Public School

San Vicente Elementary School

San Vicente Elementary School

San Vicente Elementary School – Annex

Sapang Elementary School

Sapang Maragul Elementary School

Sapang Tagalog Elementary School

Sepung Calzada Elementary School

Sinait Elementary School

Sitio Dam Public School

Sta. Cruz Public School

Sta. Ignacia North Central School

Sta. Ignacia South Central Elementary School

Sta. Ines Central Elementary School

Sta. Ines East Elementary School

Sta. Ines West Elementary School

Sta. Ines West Elementary School - Sta. Ines PS Annex

Sta. Lucia Elementary School

Sta. Maria Elementary School

Sta. Maria Public School

Sta. Monica Elementary School

Sto. Cristo Elementary School

Sto. Domingo Elementary School

Sto. Nino Public School

Suizo Resettlement Elementary School

Suizo-Bliss Elementary School

Taguiporo-Cabaruan Elementary School

Tagurarit Public School

Tariji Elementary School

Tarlac West Central Elementary School

Tibag Elementary School

Tibagan Elementary School

Timmaguab Elementary School

Tolega Norte Elementary School

Tolega Sur Public School

Trinidad Elementary School

Tubectubang Elementary School

Ungot Elementary School

Vargas Elementary School

Villa Bacolor Elementary School

Villa Public School

Yabutan Public School

School in Tarlac(Highschool)

Highschool in Tarlac City

Private Schools

Bayanihan Institute

College of the Holy Spirit

Don Bosco Technical Institute

Ecumenical School, Inc.

Osias Colleges, Inc

Our Lady of Ransom Catholic School

San Luis Educational Foundation

San Sebastian Cathedral School

St. Mathew Christian Academy

St. Paul Children Spectrum, Inc.

Tarlac Christian School

Tarlac Living Faith Academy

Tarlac Montessori School, Inc.

Trinity Christian Learning Center

Public Schools

Alvindia-Aguso National High School

Amucao National High School

Central Azucarera de Tarlac National High School

Maliwalo National High School

Tarlac National National High School

San Manuel National High School

School in Tarlac

List of College Schools /Institute in Tarlac

●AMA Computer College - Tarlac City, Inc.
Zamora St., Brgy. San Roque, Tarlac City
contact #: 982-9507 / 6 / 4

●AMA Computer Learning Center
McArthur Highway, San Rafael, Tarlac

●Asian Institute of Computer Studies, Inc.
F. Tañedo St. Tarlac City
045 982-3803

●Carthel Science Educational Foundation, Inc.
San Vicente, San Manuel,Tarlac

●Central Luzon Doctors' Hospital Educational Institution (CLDH-EI)
Romulo highway,San Pablo,Tarlac City
982-5019; 982-5052; 982-0264
fax #: 982-0780

●College of the Holy Spirit of Tarlac
*College Department
F. Tañedo St. Tarlac City Philippines
(045) 982 1230 or (045) 982 3370
*Grade School & High School Department
San Sebastian Village Tarlac City Philippines
(045) 982 3952 or (045) 982 5367

●Ecumenical Christian College (ECC)
Zamora street, Tarlac, Tarlac, Philippines

●Tarlac State University (TSU)
Romulo Blvd. San Vicente, Tralac City, Philippines
982-1624; 982-2605
fax #: 982-0110

●Delamar Institute of Technology, Inc.
Zamora St. San Roque, Tarlac City

●Dominican College of Tarlac

●Ednor Colleges Inc.
Romulo Blvd., San Vicente, Tarlac City

●Heats School of Welding Technology, Inc.
Romulo Highway, #4 Joanne Subd., Carangian, Tarlac City
Cp. #: 09054140543

●International Colleges of Asia Foundation
(formerly International Maritime & Technical Institute Foundation, Inc.)
San Isidro, Tarlac City

●Interworld College Foundation
Burgos St., Paniqui, Tarlac

●Madonna''s College of Technology, Inc.
Cacamilingan Norte, Camiling, Tarlac

●Man to Man Boarding School (MMBS) Inc.
Sitio Paroba II, Tibag, Tarlac City

●Metaprofessional Inc.
Hilario St., Ligtasan, Tarlac City
(045) 982-2143

●North Atlantic Training & Development Center for Caregivers, Inc.
3rd Flr., McArthur Highway, Sto. Cristo, Tarlac City

●Omnibus International Colleges Foundation
San Manuel, Tarlac

●Osias College Inc.
Tañedo St., Tarlac City

●Osilla Institute for Health Personnel Inc.
Rm. 201 Alfonso C. Bldg., MH Del Pilar St., Paniqui, Tarlac

●Paniqui Fashion School
191 MH Del Pilar St., Paniqui, Tarlac

●Paniqui Institute of Technology
Sta. Rosa St. , Paniqui, Tarlac

●Philippine Women''s University (PWU)
Burgos St., Poblacion, Tarlac

●Provincial Training Center -Tarlac (Tarlac)
San Isidro, Tarlac, Tarlac
982-9103 / 5267

●San Lorenzo Computer Learning Center
M.H. del Pilar St., Poblacion Norte, Paniqui
045 809-0357

●Skill Power Institute, Inc.
San Rafael, Tarlac City
045 611-2130/2131

●St. Augustine Colleges Foundation, Inc.
Burgos St., Paniqui, Tarlac

●St. Mary''s Technical School, Inc.
R & N Bldg., Mc Arthur Highway,San Rafael, Tarlac City

●St. Paul College of Tarlac, Inc.
Espinosa St., Poblacion, Tarlac City

●St. Paul College of Technology
Zamora St., Poblacion Norte, Paniqui

●St. Paul College of Technology, Inc. - Camiling
4th Flr. M & E Bldg., Quezon Ave., Camiling, Tarlac

●St. Peter College of Technology
Poblacion, Capas

●St. Rose Educational Foundation, Inc.
Samput, Paniqui, Tarlac

●Systems Technology Institute
F. Tanedo St., Tarlac City
982-8933 / 7030 / 2089

●Tarlac City Colleges Inc.
Hospital Drive, San Vicente, Tarlac City

●Tarlac Computer Institute Inc.
3rd Flr. Metrotown Mall, Tarlac City

●Tarlac Institute of Science and Technology
F. Tañedo St., Poblacion, Tarlac City

●Tarlac Integrated Services Foundation Inc.
McArthur Highway, San Sebastian, Tarlac City

●Tarlac School of Arts & Trade Inc.
Romulo Bldg., Tibag, Tarlac City

●Tarlac School of Styles, Inc.
F. Tañedo St., Matatalaib, Tarlac City
045 982-6613

●Twin Hearts School of Technology - Tarlac, Inc.
Bank of Florida Bldg., Poblacion, Capas, Tarlac

●United School of Science and Technology (USST)
Romulo Blvd., Tibag, Tarlac City
982-1068 / 3304 / 7722

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